Programs for children 3 to 8 years old


The ReadBoston summer Storymobile is coming to a location near you! From July 11 to August 5 audiences will be treated to an interactive storytelling experience and every child gets a new book to take home. The program is best suited for kids ages 3–8 years old. View the 2022 Storymobile schedule!

Storymobile BookBike

The BookBike is an innovative addition to our Storymobile program. The BookBike brings literacy activities and new books to children in an environmentally-friendly way.

About the Storymobile Program

ReadBoston’s Storymobile is a one-of-a kind summer program that brings a diverse group of professional storytellers and new books to children, ages 3-10, in every Boston neighborhood. Audiences are treated to an interactive storytelling experience and every child chooses a new, age-appropriate book to take home.

Providing free, high-quality literacy programming and access to new books during the summer is critical because this is a time when children often reverse progress in their reading development. This is especially true for low-income children who have limited access to age-appropriate reading materials and are less likely to read than their middle or high-income peers. Recent studies show that children in low-income communities own an average of one book per 300 children while children in middle-class communities average 13 books per one child (Wong, Alia. “Where Books Are All But Nonexistent.” The Atlantic. July 14, 2016).

The Storymobile also provides a unique workforce opportunity for ReadBoston’s Parent Literacy Leaders (PLLs), a cohort of Boston parents from diverse backgrounds who have been trained in leadership and early literacy development. Our PLLs receive stipends for their early literacy work, leading multilingual parent workshops and stewarding the Storymobile as Community Liaisons and Books Curators.

For more information or to get involved, please contact us.

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